I am a biologist with a keen interest in developmental biology, herpetology and arachnology. Currently, my research focuses on the origin of developmental plasticity with nematode Pristionchus as model group.

Latest publication

Gekko mizoramensis

Hmar Tlawmte Lalremsanga, Lal Muansanga, Mathipi Vabeiryureilai, Zeeshan A. Mirza (2023)

A new species of Parachute Gecko of the subgenus Ptychozoon (Sauria: Gekkonidae: Gekko) from the Indo-Burma region

The paper describes a species of Parachute gecko of the genus Gekko from Miroram, northeast India. The species has been confused with other known species due to morphological similarities.

The Northern Sahyadri keelback (Sahyadriophis uttaraghati)

 Harshil Patel, Tejas Thackeray, Patrick D. Campbell and Zeeshan A. Mirza. (2023)

Systematic Assessment of Hebius beddomei (Günther, 1864) (Serpentes: Colubridae: Natricinae) with Description of A New Genus and A New Allied Species from the Western Ghats, India

The paper assess the status of the species, Hebius beddomei, which turned out to be two species and the lineage was distinct from the genus Hebius, for whicha new genus Sahyadriophis was erected

Taxonomy. 3(3); 415-434. DOI:  10.3390/taxonomy3030024

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